World of Empires

World of Empires 2


Play with your iPad (minimum iPad Mini 2 or iPad 3), iPhone (minimum iPhone 5) or any recent Android device with more than 1Gb of RAM. PC, Mac and Linux compatible. (Still not distributed)

Free for all

All content for free.

500'000 Players

Play with your friends in a LAN, on your device and Online.

About The Game

4X Turn-based strategy game.







Version 2.0

▸ New UI
UI has been completely redesigned to provide you a better experience

▸ New AI
AI has been completely rewritten and is much more faster

▸ Create Armies
Combine units to make powerful armies

▸ Local Multiplayer
You can play a multiplayer party on the same device

▸ Future units and technologies
Create cyborgs and drones, use future weapons and protect your cities with Energy Shield

▸ Promotions
Enhance your units

▸ Dominate oceans
Build cities on ocean and move them.

▸ New Map Editor
Place your resources, rivers and starting points for the civilizations.

▸ New World Generator
Change how the world looks like, with Terraforming.

▸ Low Poly or Textured
You can choose to play with low poly troops or textured

Version 1.23

- Slowness (it was due to a bug in Unity Engine, so I downgraded to an older version. Sorry)
- Workers could improve water tiles
- Any units can be built when put in a queue
- Some translations
- Enemy unit movement

Version 1.22

- Hack Mode

- Units Movement (bug introduced in v1.21)

Version 1.21

- AI in Multiplayer parties
- Land units can move on water tiles with Optic Technology (only on a coast). With Astronomy, can move everywhere on ocean. 50% penality on attack and defense
- Japan language (translated with Google)

- Units can be upgraded inside a territory (not only in a city)
- Burma's flag
- When starting at another era, you start with more gold
- AI has been improved

- Civilization's color (unit icons and city's border)
- Diplomacy dashboard crashes some times
- Ally request to a civilization

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